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  • Our cakes may contain traces of nuts.
  • Our vanilla sponge and chocolate cakes may contain nut traces.
  • Our fruitcake and carrot cake does contain nuts.
  • All cakes contain: Cow’s milkeggssoyawheat and gluten
  • Not suitable for freezing

Cakes should be placed on a level non-slip surface. Do not transport cakes tilting on car front or back seats. Cakes should be transported as quickly and smoothly as possible to the required destination.

Cakes should be kept refrigerated and once cut should be stored in an airtight container, Please keep away from heat at all times.

For Best Serving Results
If you have candles and/or sparklers, arrange these on the cake. Please adhere to safety instructions on sparkler packets. Please note; an adult should supervise children when using candles and sparklers and when cutting the cake. All edible and non-edible decorations should be removed before cutting and serving the cake. Cut your cake with a clean sharp knife.

Please check your order before you leave the store.

Management will not take any responsibility once the cake leaves the store. All deposits or payments are non-refundable and can’t be canceled or moved forward under any circumstances once the order has been made.

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Cup Cakes

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